Low noise CCD readout board

Low noise digital CCD readout

Leah Anderson, Ian Bullock, Shawn Duenas, Ben Keller, Mobashwir Khan, Julien Valentin

During a semester long Clinic project funded by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO), I helped our team to develop, design, prototype, and debug a digital readout board for an astronomical CCD sensor. Our project goal was to use oversampling and digital filtering with a high resolution ADC and FPGA to provide improved CCD readout performance over traditional purely analog methods. We made significant progress which resulted in continued funding of the project for another group of students in the following year.

RGB LED lights

RGB LED control

Real time wireless control of RGB LED lights for ambient room lighting.
Tidal turbine

Tidal turbine

Generating small amounts of electricity from water motion.
Liquid nitrogen cooled wind tunnel

Ice detection

Novel sensing methods for ice buildup on aircraft heat exchangers.
Polyphonic midi sound module

Polyphonic synth

FPGA and PIC microcontroller based polyphonic MIDI synthesizer.
Low noise CCD readout board

CCD readout

Low noise analog amplification and digital processing of the signal from an astronomical CCD sensor.
Courtyard chess set

Courtyard chess

Large scale courtyard chess set.

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