ICRA 2013 paper: versatile human grasp sets

My paper, Finding Small, Versatile Sets of Human Grasps to Span Common Objects, was recently accepted for publication in the proceedings of ICRA 2013. It was written with Aaron Dollar and Thomas Feix.

A novel grasp span metric is used to assess the versatility of a small set of grasps in handling a wide range of objects. We used over 9000 grasps over 19 hours of video from four subjects to generate small sets of versatile grasps using this metric. The results for all subjects are below:

The paper’s grasp span metric relies on a large set of grasp-object data, displayed in a heat map below:

This grasp object matrix shows how strongly each grasp is associated with each object. Versatile grasp sets are then selected by their ability to span a large variety of different objects. The association of a given grasp with a given object is used as a measure of how well suited that grasp is to that object.

Overall, the results consistently show that medium wrap and lateral pinch are important, versatile grasps in the housekeeper/machinist data we have available. The results also suggest some other important grasps, which are slightly more sensitive to the particular choice of the grasp span metric.

Please read the paper for more details!



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