ICRA 2013: Assisted with OpenHand workshop, finalist for best manipulation paper

I recently attended the ICRA 2013 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany. A few highlights are below:

My paper, Finding Small, Versatile Sets of Human Grasps to Span Common Objects, was a finalist for Best Manipulation Paper. I didn’t win, but they still gave me a nice certificate:

Best Manipulation Paper Finalist Certificate

I am honored by this recognition for my work with Thomas Feix and Aaron Dollar.

I also got to help out with the OpenHand workshop, led by Raymond Ma and Lael Odhner. It was fun to teach a bunch of people about how our lab’s underactuated hands work, and how they can be fabricated.

Pouring rubber materials into the fingers at the OpenHand workshop at ICRA 2013.

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