Manipulation classification paper accepted in Transactions on Haptics

A journal paper submitted to Transactions on Haptics was recently accepted (Thank you to my co-authors Raymond Ma and Aaron Dollar). It is titled A Hand-Centric Classification of Human and Robot Dexterous Manipulation, and discusses a general framework for classifying manipulation of both human robotic systems.

For the moment, please see the preliminary ICORR 2011 paper, but the full journal paper should be available soon. A few quick snapshots are provided to get a general idea of the journal paper content:

Manipulation classification terminology
A few important terms are used to classify manipulation tasks.

Hand vs. arm dexterity
We discuss some trade-offs between hand and arm dexterity.

Robot and human coin pickup
Robotic and human tasks can be classified using the same approach.

Example ADL classification
The classification can be used to analyze the complex, bimanual manipulation patterns that are used in activities of daily living (ADLs).

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